Metamorphoses: Claire Chase

Metamorphoses: Claire Chase

SF Symphony Collaborative Partner and flutist Claire Chase curates a SoundBox program that explores transformation, transfiguration, and becoming anew.

Claire Chase notes: “The beautiful thing about music is that no matter how many constraints you put on it, it can and will reach out across time and move some dormant part of ourselves: joy, deep pain, hilarity, grief, you name it. And in that motion from a stagnant place to one that starts to crackle and animate, we’re changed. That’s what I live for.”

MARCOS BALTER: Excerpts from ‘Pan’

SoundBox: Metamorphoses is sponsored by Trine Sorensen and Michael Jacobson.
SoundBox is supported in part by The League of American Orchestras and The National Endowment for the Arts.

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Metamorphoses: Claire Chase

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