Vessel of Song

Vessel of Song

Explore the intersection between classical music and Klezmer musical culture.

Multifaceted Klezmer musicians Joshua Horowitz and his Veretski Pass bandmates come together with members of the San Francisco Symphony in a program that celebrates music as a magnetizing heart of our community.

Joshua Horowitz notes, “What I love about music is its ability to be fun, be creative, odd, and bizarre, to bring people together in a community . . . . That’s a really important part of music for me.”

Joshua Horowitz and Veretski Pass, curators

Veretski Pass:
Cookie Segelstein, violin
Joshua Horowitz, accordion/cimbalom
Stuart Brotman, double bass

Peter Grunberg, conductor

Members of the San Francisco Symphony:
Catherine Payne · Linda Lukas, flutes
Russ deLuna, English horn
David Chernyavsky, violin
Nanci Severance, viola
Jill Rachuy Brindel, cello
Douglas Rioth, harp
Stan Muncy, percussion

JOSHUA HOROWITZ: ‘A Doina far di Kale’ (A Song for the Bride)
TRADITIONAL (arr. Veretski Pass): Tango Under the Influence
TRADITIONAL (arr. Veretski Pass): ‘Gurevitch’s Dobriden’ (Greeting Piece)
TRADITIONAL (arr. Veretski Pass) : ‘Tatarisher Longa’ (Tatar Dance)
COOKIE SEGELSTEIN (arr. Joshua Horowitz): So the Sparrows Will Come
COOKIE SEGELSTEIN (arr. Joshua Horowitz): ‘Drushpén’ (Lullaby)
TRADITIONAL (arr. Joshua Horowitz): Song of the Wanderer
JOSHUA HOROWITZ: ‘Birkot Hashakhar’ (Morning Blessings)
COOKIE SEGELSTEIN (arr. Joshua Horowitz): Orphan Runaway
STUART BROTMAN (arr. Joshua Horowitz): Awe and Thanksgiving
JOSHUA HOROWITZ: ‘Druze-Tants’ (Druze Dance)

Frank Zamacona, director
Kara Lancaster, editor
Luke Kritzeck, lighting/set designer

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Vessel of Song

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